The mission of the law firm is full settlement of cases for the clients, taking into highest account their best interests. Professionalism, objectivity, sensitivity and ensuring a high standard of service when solving legal problems is the main goal for Vakanjac & Kek when working with clients, for whom they always take the necessary time.

Only with adequate listening, objectivity, professionalism and sensitivity to the client's needs, it is possible to achieve the best possible solution for the client, all the while taking into consideration their unique situation.

Ius est ars boni et aequi.
Law is the art of the good and the just.
(Publius Iuventius Celsus)

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If you need legal assistance, representation, or simply advice, please contact us. Our office is located near the center of Ljubljana.

Areas of law

Law Office covers a wide range of law knowledges and their practical applications: commercial law, labor law, constitutional law, family law...